About us

psaichology is a start‐up for psychological test construction.
We use artificial intelligence: psychological tests are shorter thanks to neural networks, but remain highly precise.
Our newest product is the IPIP30‐NNet ‐ a psychological test that uses neural networks to predict five global
personality factors: neuroticism, extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness and openness (for experiences). In
addition, a differentiated view into personality facets is made possible.
The test marks the beginning of psychological assessment based on machine learning!
In addition, we use so‐called superscores, which are test values that are superior to traditional test values.
Our approach is the result of the latest scientific knowledge ‐ check out our pre‐print paper here.

Current research projects:
In the event that you want to use the IPIP30‐NNet for scientific, non‐commercial purposes, you can of course do so
free of charge! Contact us via research@psaichology.org.

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